Rhinestone Trim

Collection: Rhinestone Trim

Planet Rhinestone takes pride in offering rhinestone trim of the highest possible standards to our customers. When you purchase one of our trim options, you will be impressed with just how easy of an application our trims have to offer. Browse our vast collection of beautifully elaborate rhinestone trims that will transform your project into something magical.

Combining an easy-to-apply method with an enchanting design, our rhinestone trims are the perfect compliment from everything to your formal wear to your high-end designs. If you are looking for a unique way to spruce up your living space, rhinestone trim can also be used to elegantly enhance your home decor.

What is Rhinestone Trim?

Rhinestone trim is a string of rhinestones that can be added to just about anything. It's made of small glass stones set in a strip or band. It's perfect for adding glamor to clothing, accessories, and home decor items. 

How to Use Rhinestone Trim

Rhinestone trim can be used in a variety of ways. It can be sewn onto clothing such as dresses, pants, and more. They can also be added to accessories such as purses and hats. Or, add some sparkle to home decor items like pillows, picture frames, or furniture using rhinestone glue.

Types of Rhinestone Trim

Sparkle and shine with our unique array of rhinestone trims. Choose from a dazzling assortment of rhinestone banding trim, rhinestone fringe trim, rhinestone chain trim, rhinestone cord trim and more. 

Our customers love our rhinestone trim options for DIY projects such as jean jackets, pillows, high heels, clutch purses, wedding dresses, bride’s accessories, gowns, dance wear, headbands, hair pins, etc and many more! The possibilities are endless when it comes to applying our rhinestone trim options. 

Looking for something more specific? We offer the following rhinestone trim color options:

  • AB Rhinestone Trim
  • Black Rhinestone Trim
  • Blue Rhinestone Trim
  • Crystal Rhinestone Trim
  • Gold Rhinestone Trim
  • Green Rhinestone Trim
  • Red Rhinestone Trim
  • Rose Rhinestone Trim
  • Rose Gold Rhinestone Trim
  • Silver Rhinestone Trim
  • Siam Rhinestone Trim

Rhinestone Banding Trim

If you are wanting a classic option for upgrading your fabric, choosing a rhinestone banding trim will help you achieve the style you are looking for. Our banding trim is flexible and in some styles, has the option of coming attached to a net material for easy application.

We offer two banding trim options:

  • Single-Strand Rhinestone Banding Trim
  • Double-Strand Rhinestone Banding Trim

Rhinestone Chain Trim

Our rhinestone chain trim is easy to use and is built to not easily break when being worked with. The chain trim is made of high-quality glass crystals which are sturdy but flexible, making it a top-recommended selection for all sorts of projects.

Rhinestone Cord Trim

Rhinestone rope trim is very easy to work with and when applied, can help add sparkle to your project. Rhinestone cord trim can be cut with scissors to any length you desire and attached easily by sewing or gluing.