Glass Rhinestones



      Planet Rhinestone specializes in high-quality glass rhinestones.  Glass Rhinestones are crafted with technology-driven cuts that create a high refraction index in the Rhinestones. The rhinestone facets mirror and blend light in various directions which enhances the sparkle of the Rhinestones.

      Why Planet Rhinestone?

      Rhinestones are our life

      Rhinestones aren't just a product for us, they're an obsession. We don't dabble in any other products. All our passion, energy, and expertise goes into delivering you the best possible rhinestones.

      10+ years in business

      We opened the doors to our physical store in Los Angeles over 10 years ago. We're not just another e-commerce store; we're a beacon of reliability and dedication.

      We're a family business

      We're proud to be a family-owned business. Our personal touch, deep-rooted passion, and commitment to excellent rhinestones has been passed through generations.