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What Is Rhinestone Fabric?

Rhinestone fabric is a type of fabric covered with tiny, sparkling rhinestonesThe rhinestones are arranged in specific patterns or designs, adding a touch of elegance, glamour, and sparkle to the fabric. 

How to Use Rhinestone Fabric

Rhinestone fabric can be used in a variety of DIY projects. For anything you'd use regular fabric for, you can use rhinestone fabric. Imagine a rhinestone throw pillow, a rhinestone jacket, or even a rhinestone dress. Rhinestone fabric can be sewn with a sewing machine, needle and thread, or applied using rhinestone glue.

Rhinestone Fabric Sizes

When starting a DIY project using rhinestones, it might be hard to determine how much rhinestone fabric you are going to need. The rhinestone sheets that we offer come in various lengths and colors to help provide you with everything you need for your project. Our fabric is flexible and stretchy, providing a durable but easy-to-work-with option for DIYers. 

Types of Rhinestone Fabric

We have an assortment of fabric options available to you that allows you to completely customize the material you are working on. Two fan-favorite products our customers love to work with are the stretchy fabrics and the hot fix rhinestone fabrics.

If you want to filter our available rhinestone fabric types to help you locate a specific color you are interested in, we are happy to provide the following colors for our rhinestone sheets: 

  • Black Rhinestone Sheets
  • Gold Rhinestone Sheets
  • Grey Rhinestone Sheets
  • Green Rhinestone Sheets
  • Red Rhinestone Sheets
  • Rose Rhinestone Sheets
  • Sapphire Rhinestone Sheets
  • Silver Rhinestone Sheets
  • Siam Rhinestone Sheets

Rhinestone Mesh Fabric

If you want a flexible fabric that also provides shimmer, check out our gorgeous rhinestone mesh fabric with high-quality rhinestone crystals. These fabrics are stretchable and can be cut into smaller pieces using regular scissors for your custom project.

Rhinestone Crystal Fabric

Need fabric with rhinestones built into it? Check out our beautiful crystal rhinestone fabric made with stretchable material. This fabric includes a black net backing with AB/multi-colored stones. Our customers say that this is perfect for DIY projects or to add to jackets, dresses, tops, pants, skirts, hats, belts, hoodies, and more. All items are ready to ship!