Jeweled Crosses



      Exquisite Collection of Jeweled Crosses

      Step into a world where style meets spirituality. Our jeweled crosses, available in timeless silver, rich gold, and bold black, cater to a wide range of tastes. Each piece is crafted with care, offering a unique blend of charm and faith.

      Dazzling Rhinestone Crosses for Every Occasion

      Our rhinestone crosses are more than just add-ons - they're a fashion statement. Perfect for any occasion, these sparkling pieces can add a dash of glamour to your everyday wear or make your special event outfit stand out. With sizes from small to extra-large, there's a piece for every project.

      Elegant Jeweled Crosses: Express Your Faith in Style

      Add a touch of faith to your style with our elegant jeweled crosses. Ideal for those who love to create and personalize, these crosses can transform any piece of clothing into a unique and stylish expression of your creativity.

      Celebrate Your Faith with Our Beautiful Rhinestone Crosses

      Celebrate your faith with our beautiful rhinestone crosses. Designed to add a personal touch to your creations, our crosses are perfect for adding a dash of sparkle to your projects. So why wait? Explore our collection and let your creativity shine.

      Why Planet Rhinestone?

      Rhinestones are our life

      Rhinestones aren't just a product for us, they're an obsession. We don't dabble in any other products. All our passion, energy, and expertise goes into delivering you the best possible rhinestones.

      10+ years in business

      We opened the doors to our physical store in Los Angeles over 10 years ago. We're not just another e-commerce store; we're a beacon of reliability and dedication.

      We're a family business

      We're proud to be a family-owned business. Our personal touch, deep-rooted passion, and commitment to excellent rhinestones has been passed through generations.