Rhinestone Fringe



      Rhinestone Fringe and Crystal Trim

      We offer a wide selection of Rhinestone Fringes and Crystal Fringes perfect for all your DIY projects.

      Whether you just want to add some sparkle to an existing piece, or you’re creating something from scratch, shop our assortment of Rhinestone Fringe to find the exact size, shape, style, and length you’re looking for.

      Shop glue-on Rhinestone Fringe

      Shop sew-on Rhinestone Fringe

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      Our rhinestone fringe is made of high quality rhinestones and is the perfect touch for special occasions, DIY projects, crafts, and more. This fringe can be easily applied to your wedding dress, bridal belt, bridesmaid sash, hats, belts, jackets, headbands, flower bouquet wrap, hair accessory, and many more items. Our fringe can be glued or sewn-on.We offer several color options:

      • Black Rhinestone Fringe
      • Gold Rhinestone Fringe Silver
      • Rhinestone Fringe Multi-Colored

      Rhinestone Fringe View our selection of styles and lengths for your project.

      Rhinestone Fringe Clothing

      Shop our rhinestone fringe to add a unique and trendy flair to your clothing. The various colors, lengths and styles are the perfect embellishment for items such as: Rhinestone Fringe Dress Rhinestone Fringe Jacket Rhinestone Fringe Shorts Rhinestone Fringe Skirt Rhinestone Fringe Sandals & Shoes