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We specialize in high-quality glass rhinestones. Glass rhinestones are crafted with technology-driven cuts that create a high refraction index in the rhinestones. The rhinestone facets mirror and blend light in various directions which enhances the sparkle of the rhinestones.

Our Rhinestone Selection

Shop all our rhinestone designs, including flat back, hot fix, sew on, and more. 

We offer the best in crystal, vinyl, resin, and Preciosa rhinestones

Our rhinestones are perfect for DIY projects and can be easily applied to many different types of fabrics.

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Our brilliant glass rhinestones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shop our selection of flatback and pointed-back rhinestones as well as hotfix and glue-on styles. Our glass stone rhinestones shimmer and shine for an unlimited amount of uses!

Rhinestones in Bulk

We sell glass rhinestones in bulk and jelly rhinestones in bulk for all your crafting and DIY projects. We have a wide selection of rhinestone colors:

  • Amethyst Rhinestones
  • Aqua Rhinestones
  • Aurum Rhinestones
  • Black Rhinestones
  • Citrine Rhinestones
  • Emerald Rhinestones
  • Fuchsia Rhinestones
  • Gold Rhinestones
  • Green Rhinestones
  • Hyacinth Rhinestones
  • Jonquil Rhinestones
  • Olivine Rhinestones
  • Orange Rhinestones
  • Rose Rhinestones
  • Rose Gold Rhinestones
  • Sapphire Rhinestones
  • Silver Rhinestones
  • Siam Rhinestones
  • Topaz Rhinestones
  • Yellow Rhinestones

We also carry a variety of rhinestone sizes, ranging from SS5 to SS40.

Rhinestone Shapes

Rhinestones can be differentiated by the backside of the rhinestone. We have many sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from. We have round rhinestones with flat or pointed backs. Our rhinestones come in:

  • Flatback rhinestones
    • Flatback crystals rhinestones will shine less, compared to the same cutting rhinestone with a pointed back. However, the flatback feature makes it easy to glue on the things you want to decorate.
  • Pointed-back rhinestones
    • Pointed-back rhinestones are designed to imitate the look of diamonds. Pointed-back rhinestones shine more, making them look brilliant and dazzling.

Types of Rhinestones

There are various types of rhinestones available, including AB, HotFix, Fatback, Diamond-Cut, Swarovski Crystal, and more. Each type has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different projects. Make sure to choose the best type of rhinestone for your project based on your specific needs and preferences.

AB Rhinestones

AB rhinestones, also known as Aurora Borealis rhinestones, are a type of decorative gemstone that is known for its rainbow-like iridescent effect. They're typically made from glass or acrylic and are coated with a thin layer of metal that reflects light in a rainbow of colors.

The term "Aurora Borealis" refers to the Northern Lights, which are known for their beautiful and colorful displays in the sky. AB rhinestones are a common choice for projects such as fashion jewelry, dance attire, and other types of apparel. They're also frequently utilized in arts and crafts.

Hotfix Rhinestones

Hotfix rhinestones are a type of decorative gemstone that's used in a variety of applications, including clothing, accessories, and crafts. These rhinestones are made from glass or acrylic and are coated with a thin layer of metal, which gives them their characteristic sparkle and shine.

One of the main differences between hotfix rhinestones and other types of rhinestones is that hotfix rhinestones have a special adhesive backing that allows them to be easily attached to fabric or other materials using heat. This makes hotfix rhinestones a convenient and easy-to-use option for adding sparkle and shine to clothing, accessories, and other items.

Flatback Rhinestones

Flatback rhinestones have a flat backside, rather than a pointed back like other types of rhinestones. This makes them easy to attach to flat surfaces, such as fabric or other materials using rhinestone glue.

Flatback rhinestones are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of DIY projects. These sparkling stones come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, making them suitable for many types of projects and design requirements. or be utilized to craft intricate and detailed designs on crafts and other decorative projects.

Diamond-Cut Rhinestones

Diamond-cut rhinestones are known for their sparkling and brilliant appearance, which is achieved through intricate faceting similar to that of a real diamond. The facets on these rhinestones are carefully cut and polished to create a dazzling effect. In addition to their sparkling appearance, diamond-cut rhinestones are known for their durability and resistance to chipping and fading. This makes them a popular choice for use in costume jewelry, dance costumes, and other types of clothing that may be worn or handled frequently.

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones

Swarovski crystal rhinestones are a great choice to add sparkle and shine to clothing, accessories, or home decor. These high-quality rhinestones are made from genuine crystal and are known for their bright and vibrant appearance. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, making them suitable for a variety of applications. They're easy to apply using methods such as gluing, sewing, or ironing. Swarovski crystal rhinestones can also be cut and shaped to fit specific patterns or shapes, making them ideal for creating intricate and detailed designs. They are durable, beautiful, and versatile, making them a worthwhile investment for any project.

How to Apply Rhinestones

We sell both glue-on and hotfix rhinestones. Here is a brief description of each type of rhinestone:

Hotfix rhinestones, also called iron-on rhinestones, are mostly glass material. They have a heat activated glue adhered to the back of the rhinestone. The rhinestones are attached to fabric when properly heated.

Glue-on rhinestones are adhered with glue. The rhinestones are attached to fabric with glue, no heat is required.

Both hotfix and glue-on rhinestones are used on a variety of fabrics for many projects. Shop our wide selection for fast shipping!

Which types of rhinestones can be glued to fabrics and other surfaces?

Flatback rhinestones are the best for gluing onto surfaces. Make sure to use a high quality acrylic glue meant for gems and rhinestones.

What are hot fix rhinestones?

Hot fix rhinestones have flat backs with heat-activated glue. They can be applied to fabric using a heat press. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are great for both apparel and gift items. Hot fix rhinestones are ideal for clothing because they can be applied to fabric without using extra rhinestone glue.

How do I choose the best rhinestones for nail art?

Glass sand rhinestones are the best type for nail art. Since they're so small, they're the easiest to apply to nails. 

What are rhinestones made of?

Rhinestones are made from high-quality glass materials that are shaped perfectly to reflect light. They're made by cutting and polishing that glass material into a multi-faceted shape that allows them to shine and sparkle.

Are rhinestones more expensive than diamonds?

No, rhinestones are much more affordable than diamonds! They're a great way to jazz up your outfit for a portion of the price.

Are rhinestones fake diamonds?

No, there are many differences between rhinestones and diamonds. The key difference is that diamonds are natural and rhinestones are man made.