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Multi-Pack Glass Rhinestones

Multi-Pack Glass Rhinestones

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High-quality flatback glass rhinestones. 
  • Material: Glass Rhinestones 

  • Style: Flatback 

  • Applying Method: Glue-On 

Each Multi-Pack includes:

Stone Size  Quantity Included
SS6 280 PCS
SS10 280 PCS
SS12 280 PCS
SS16 140 PCS
SS20 140 PCS
SS30 70 PCS

Notes and Disclaimers

*All stones are packaged by weight therefore the actual stone count can vary per bag*

*Rhinestones are created from color lots. Slight differences in time, temperature, humidity, and other factors can result in different shades of the same color. We work closely with our manufacturers to keep our colors consistent. However, there can be slight color differences as each batch of the same color is made.

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