Sew On & Pointed Back Rhinestones



      If you are new to rhinestones, you may be overwhelmed with all the different types, sizes, and colors of rhinestones. This collection features our large pointed back and sew-on flatback rhinestones. 

      Sew on flatback rhinestones, give you the option to apply them either with glue or by hand sewing onto fabric. The pointed back rhinestones required a setting in a cup shape for the pointed back to sit in.


      Flat back Rhinestones:

      Foiled flatback rhinestones are coated with a foil layer at the bottom of the rhinestones with facet cuts on the crown. The foil coating helps reflect light back up through the facet cuts into the crown. There are two types of glass foiled flat-back rhinestones:

      1. Sew On - Sew-on rhinestones have small holes on the edges allowing them to be hand-stitched to the fabric. You can also choose to glue these on instead of sewing.
      2. Glue on - Glue on rhinestones doesn't include any stitching holes. They must be applied with glue. We recommend E-6000 glue for fabric application.


      Pointed Back Rhinestones:

      Similar to flat-back rhinestones, pointed-back rhinestones have facets cut along the surface. What sets these apart, are facets cut along the base of the stone which allows the light entering from the surface to reflect back through the base resulting in a higher shine. This method of faceting takes advantage of the optical properties of the stone to produce maximum sparkle.

      Pointed-back rhinestones cannot be glued onto a flat surface. They require a frame to hold the stone in place. They are most commonly used in jewelry making, tufted furniture, and rhinestone embroidered appliques and trimming.


      Why Planet Rhinestone?

      Rhinestones are our life

      Rhinestones aren't just a product for us, they're an obsession. We don't dabble in any other products. All our passion, energy, and expertise goes into delivering you the best possible rhinestones.

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      We're proud to be a family-owned business. Our personal touch, deep-rooted passion, and commitment to excellent rhinestones has been passed through generations.